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Which Way FOX? How About Unplugged.

TIME has an article out where they wonder about FOX News in a post-Bush world.

Fox hasn’t gone soft, but from watching its coverage lately, I get a sense that the haven for conservative hosts, and viewers alienated by liberal news needs to figure out its next act.

Here’s a better idea: It can just go away. Where is it written in the social contract that we must have three 24-hour news channels? We don’t need three 24-hour news channels. We don’t even need one.

Fox may have invented the “Fair and Balanced” nonsense but really, all Cable news networks operate as if we live in a pretend nursery school world where “every idea is always right”. But in the real world there are bad ideas which are undeniably WRONG. If you don’t take a stand and point out the obvious problems – even if it means giving more coverage to one “side” than another – you end up legitimizing absurdity.

Wrong is always wrong and it’s the media’s role to be brave enough to point this out. Yet over and over again it has failed in its duties as the Fourth Estate, even when it knows better. You don’t have to go back to the media’s complicity in the War buildup in 2002 to see this; just look back at the last six months of “Surge” coverage (not to mention the complete blackout smash your tvon Winter Soldier coverage the past few weeks). Judging by the optimistic and – we’re starting to learn – wholly simplistic analysis you’d have thought The Surge was the turning point towards peace. Now we’re seeing that things are much, much more complicated.

Ironically, the plain truth in America these days is that if your desire is to be fully informed about events you’re better off – by far – if you shut the corporate news out. You’ll get less disinformation and can start thinking for yourself for a change. Now imagine millions of Americans doing the same thing….that’s the way you start a social change movement!

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1 acallidryas { 04.01.08 at 7:57 am }

Amen, brother. The very fact that Fox exists is a sad state of affairs in the world. It can only pretend to be a news organization because it so well imitates what we see on other channels. They all forgo news to include groups of people sitting around chatting with or yelling at each other, just slightly different groups for each channel. And since they all offer “balance,” Fox’s news doesn’t seem that reactionary compared to the other channels.

I’d love to think that our current state of affairs could change post-Bush, but seeing how Fox handled Obama’s brilliant speech, and how much they thrived under Clinton/Gore, I am not optimistic.

2 Eric { 04.01.08 at 8:51 am }

acallidryas -

Good to see you here!

As I just (ironically enough) commented on the always-enlightening Moue Magazine site: The Fourth Estate used to fail us by its inability to keep us properly informed. Now, it’s failing us because it quite effectively keeps us DISINFORMED!

I think the only way to “fight back” is to turn our backs on the freaking thing.

See you ’round.


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