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Hillary Entering Nader Territory

I’m not one for the “horse race” of politics. It keeps the focus off progressive causes and turns elections into a game rather than the place where real issues get discussed. But like most thinking people….um, everywhere, I’m horrified at what eight years of Bush has wrought.

So I want a Democrat to win, preferably the most progressive Democrat, and that means Mr. Obama. And dragging this thing out only gives McCain a daily gift. Because this is going to start getting really ugly.

The Democrats need to end this and the sooner the better. Marc Cooper spells out in the most clearly written piece I’ve seen why Hillary Clinton cannot win the nomination:

“…even if Clinton wins all 16 remaining contests…by veritable landslides, she will still be dozens of elected delegates behind…in second place and with no way to become the nominee unless enough unelected Superdelegates defy the popular will of the electorate and throw her the nomination (or unless you somehow believe that she can every coming primary with a 20 point margin.”

The Clinton team must know this. So what is she waiting for? She’ll end up in Ralph Nader territory amongst the liberal crowd if she causes the Democrats to blow what ought to be a cakewalk in November.

Think about it: She can’t win, it’s selfish to stay in, and for the good of the party (and living beings everywhere) she needs to drop out before it’s too damn late. How is this different from the arguments the Democrats have been making against Nader? It’s not an argument I support. But it’s one Obama ought to be making right now…

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