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This Progressive Will Support Obama

barack obamaLet’s get one thing straight: No Democrat is going to satisfy the many concerns – and alarms – felt by progressives. Show me the legitimate candidate with a chance of winning who has even mentioned:

  • A single-payer health care system that covers EVERY person
  • Instant runoff elections
  • The runaway Industrial/Military Complex
  • Millions of full-time workers who live in poverty (or just in great financial despair)
  • The massive shift in wealth towards the top percent
  • Desperately needed prison reform
  • The shame and shock of factory farms

And so many others. (Google’s got 3,440,000, for starters. So go nuts.)

Beyond the political “horse race” there’s the undeniable fact that Hillary Clinton supported this disastrous, horrific, illegal war. This makes her unsupportable under any circumstance.

But still. I voted for Obama in the NJ primary and will support him for the nomination. And I’m a Green at heart. But the alternatives are too creepy to think about. I mean, we’ve seen the difference between neoliberalism and neoconservatism. The first is disheartening. The other, frightening.

So I am supporting Obama because even beyond his progressive, often hard-believe rhetoric, Hillary Clinton can’t win a national election anyway. Why? Because a Hillary campaign takes the biggest foreign policy disaster in our history OFF THE TABLE. It’ll be John Kerry all over again. We’ll have a President McCain.

I guess it’s possible that Hillary – if she should end up grabbing the nomination – could slip by McCain if some right-wing third-party independent candidate wins over the AM radio folks and splits the right. But what would that get us? A center-right democratic hawk that “triangulates” and caves in at every turn.

But beyond the petty political “horse race” there’s the undeniable fact that Hillary Clinton supported this disastrous, horrific, illegal war. This makes her unsupportable for me. Period.

So I’m with Obama, because he can win over moderates and he can win over progressives. I don’t know how sincere he really is, but he can sure spin phrases to warm the heart of this progressive. Consider these nuggets:

  • “Introducing our children to the realities of adulthood at the appropriate age… is exceedingly difficult in a mass media culture that saturates our airwaves with a steady stream of sex, violence, and materialism.” Click for source.
  • “I’ve had enough of being told that all we can do is sit and wait and hope that the good fortune of a few trickles on down to everyone else in this country.”
  • “We know that we’ve been called to love our neighbors as ourselves; to be our brother’s keeper; to be our sister’s keeper. That we have individual responsibility, but we also have collective responsibility to each other.” Click for source.

This is good stuff. Are they just words? Maybe. Even probably. But words lead to ideas, and ideas can change into movements. At the very least this seems like a better place to start than another round of Billary.

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