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Immigration Myth-Busting for a Change…

Stumbled across this video while kicking around the Web this morning. Comes by way of American Humanity, a blog devoted to exposing anti-immigrant sentiment (and a good read, by the way – nicely done!)

So check this video out, called “Stinky Mexican immigrants are taking over America!”

Give me a title like that and I’m set to blast this thing as another immature, anti-immigrant, fascistic (let’s be honest) rant against poor people. Lo and behold, it’s an entertaining and thoughtful presentation that exposes many of the anti-immigration myths floating out there amid the mainstream conventional wisdom.

Imagine that! A young-ish American expressing their own reasonable anti-establishment thoughts and doing so with intelligence and wit. Was it really only a few years ago the whole country rushed to war behind a cowboy president, cheering a “dead or alive” foreign policy? Now here we are a few years later and a more and more we’re seeing people thinking for themselves again, questioning the status quo.

What is this, the 1960′s? Well, no. The 60′s didn’t have social media to spread the word from the bottom up. This is pretty cool. It’s not perfect, I guess. But I’ll take this kind of change.

You hear a lot about how “this generation” is soaked in commercial entertainment and chasing after one self-gratification to another (well, actually you might hear a lot about that on this blog). But then again, here’s this wonderful netroots movement of people who both deeply care and are deeply engaged. It’s a good sign of the times. What can one say except “bring ‘em on”.

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1 Ray W. Johnson { 07.13.08 at 3:47 pm }

I can’t believe that I’m surfing the web and I ran across my own video. It’s good to see that people are enjoying it.

Thank you for mentioning it. =D


2 Eric { 07.13.08 at 4:26 pm }

You bet bro. Keep ‘em comin’. Humor as a pathway for social change; it really works.

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