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RNC: Forgotten But Not Gone

Man oh man, I take a break from blogging for a few months, naively assuming that, in these halcyon 100 Days of Obama, all’s now right with the world, that the last eight years were just a bad dream, that my country was never actually run by fanatical, fear-inducing, hate-mongering, BS-spewing, media-manipulating, “with us or against us,” anti-intellectual right wingers, when lo and behold the RNC comes out of the ashes to remind us all just how damned lucky we are that they remain hopelessly, clue-lessly, sputteringly out of control.

And thank goodness for that. Whew.

Still, if the RNC is forgotten they are not yet gone. So if you haven’t seen the latest bit of nastiness out of the Republican Party, and you feel like you could stand 1:24 of hateful creepiness, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the economic uncertainty, the flu pandemic, global warming, or any of the other dozen or so serious, historical calamities we face today – or maybe you’re nostalgic for the bad old days of Bush 43 – then have a seat, perhaps poor yourself a drink (because after watching this junk I sure needed one) and take a gander at this load o’ crap.

See what I mean? Now it turns out things aren’t so bad after all. These people who made this video could have been our leaders just now.

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