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National Conference for Media Reform

smash your tvOne of the great impediments to progressive social change is the mainstream media. It’s ironic but the best way to become truly informed is to shut the corporate news off. It’s addition by subtraction: You’ll get less disinformation and can start thinking for yourself.

Try this sometime: Stop watching commercial television even for a few weeks. When you flip it on after an absence like that, everything you see will look absurd. It’s a great way to get a new perspective.

Still, if we’re to build a wide-scale progressive movement then deprogramming yourself is only half the battle if your neighbors are plugging into the propaganda stream every night. That’s why it’s great to see grassroots organizations like the National Conference for Media Reform gathering in Minneapolis June 6-8. As Amy Goodman from the fantastic (and top-notch journalist) from Democracy Now! says:

We need to criticize the corporate media, but we also need to keep building independent media that informs, enlightens and empowers. We cannot simply wait around for more hard-hitting, investigative journalism and more diverse, independent media.

You can learn more about this group – including MP3′s and video backgrounders here.


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