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Hillary’s Fear & Arrogance Loses this Vote

I really wanted to leave the Hillary campaign alone for a few days but the way the media is clamoring about her “comeback” – along with the real possibility of new primaries in Florida and Michigan – there’s a chance she could pull this off. The national polls are tightening too, if you pay attention to those kinds of things (today they’re tightening back towards Obama, but remain in a “statistical dead heat”). Her “kitchen sink” barrage of dishonesty is starting to stick, apparently. And she’s acting like a front runner when in reality she’s losing, mathematically anyway.

The whole thing is Bush-league and the Imperial Presidency all over again. Much as I prefer a Democrat in 2008, I can’t honestly imagine ever being able to pull the trigger for her.

As I’ve written here before, she supported the War, the Patriot Act, co-sponsored a flag-burning amendment and she’s out-Bushed Bush on Iran. It’s one thing to “lean across the aisle” and work with republicans to get decent things done. It’s another thing to out-flank them from the right.

But mostly I can’t look past her truly distasteful campaigning. There was the “Red Phone” ad (see below), which some are calling her “turning point”; and then came that despicable attempt to link Obama to Islam last week (“Obama is not a Muslim, as far as I know”). The implications of this kind of race-baiting are too extensive to cover in a short blog post, but they’re right out of the Lee “Willie Horton” Atwater game, if you’re old enough to remember that ad from ’88. How can I – or anyone with a social conscience – support a candidate who pulls this kind of crap?

Getting a corporate-backed Democrat into office just so we don’t have another Republican ain’t worth it. Are we voting for a party or are we voting for progressive change?

This “Red Phone” ad really put me over the edge – take a look for yourself and tell me you don’t get the same revulsion I did. I’m through with candidates who use fear and trembling to fleece us of common sense. Do people really fall for this anymore?

I’ve got kids and the fears I have about the world they face are real and deeply felt. I don’t need a politician to manipulate these concerns of mine for a cheap vote. Right now there’s no chance in Hell I’d vote for her.

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