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Coming Soon: An End to E-Voting. Your Democracy Thanks You.

Is it me, or does every day the calendar flips one number closer to 1.20.09 seem to bring a little more sunshine to the world? Check this little pocket of joy, by way of the AP this morning, “States Vote to Oust Balloting Machines“. Now there’s the kind of headline to warm your heart in the morning.

If you’re new to the electronic voting machine insanity, then put your coffee down and head over to Scientific American for a very succinct, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me overview of the problem. A few eye-popping nuggets:

None of the systems out there are even remotely adequate given the importance of the data they handle…A lot of the attacks could be carried out at a polling place or county elections office in a matter of seconds…when researchers placed a piece of white tape over part of an e-voting system’s scanner, they were able to effectively block it from reading the entire ballot…In a more serious attack…researchers could replace the memory card…

If you want the full shudder, consider that most electronic voting machines run on Microsoft Windows, not a name that makes you think “security”.

In the meantime, if you want to get involved with election reform, aim your mouse pointer to Black Box Voting and get started. And there’s the always on-target Brad Friedman’s BradBlog , in case you want a little irreverence with your election fraud.

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