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About that whole experience thing…well, never mind

At the risk of further alienating pro-Hillary readers I have to point out a new article in National Journal where Greg Craig, a foreign policy adviser to Bill Clinton, calls Hillary’s experience “overstated”. The Huffington Post picks up the story:

The point that I am making is that her claims of the nature of that experience are overstated. The fact is she did not sit in on national security meetings. She did not have a security clearance. She did not attend meetings in the situation room. She conducted no negotiations. She did not manage any part of the national security bureaucracy. She did not have her own national security staff. That’s the fact.

But when did facts ever interfere with a good ad campaign? I’ll acknowledge that all candidates stretch the truth. But when you’re out there scaring the folks into supporting you because you are supposedly the only “experienced” option, you open yourself up to being called out on it. So let’s call her out on it.

Honestly I continue to be baffled when left-leaning, progressive-minded people support Hillary Clinton. Here’s a candidate that voted for the war (shouldn’t this disqualify her immediately?), and who uses fear and manipulation in a way we haven’t seen since…since the last time Karl Rove opened his mouth.

Someone please explain where the continued interest in her candidacy is coming from. Can you honestly see her as the person to lead us out of the dark days of Bush and into the twenty first century?

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