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ABC News and the Dem Debate: Utterly Inane

That does it. This blog is officially, formally and specifically boycotting the Democratic election horse race. No more posts on “BitterGate” or “Bosnia Bullets” or “Obama’s Pastor”, and that’s a ChangeAny1thing guarantee.

I was already sick and tired of the nonsense but ABC’s “debate” has sealed the deal. And I only watched about fifteen minutes of it. I should have known better.

If you want an excellent overview of the utter inanity, check Jason Linkins over at the HuffPost who calls it the “worst debate. Ever.” It’s a great read.

It’s going to be a l – o – n – g summer with crap like this. I used to blame the media at failing to keep us informed. Now I blame it for making us MISINFORMED. It’s a repeated theme around here, but your best bet is to shut the damn thing off.

Get Involved has an outstanding collection of “lowlights” from the debate. Go visit, sign the petition and send your love letter to ABC.


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