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Maybe They’re all Wired

Is Romney Wired? …posted by Eric Heller…

Clearly the idea of a mainstream media actually performing their duties as the Fourth Estate is laughable (I can hear you laughing right now). And so I guess there should be no surprise at the media silence regarding the latest “Is He Wired” story right out of the “Bush’s Bulge” controversy during ’04 – well, it could have been a controversy if the media would have taken it up.

This time we have that smooth-talking Romney who clearly gets prompted by a mysterious whisper during a recent GOP debate. Crooks and Liars has the video.

Take a listen – clearly someone is prompting the guy, and he wears a creepy earpiece, just like Bush in the ’04 debates (tip to AmericaBlog for the creepy reference).

Now this one is getting some attention around the blogosphere, from the Left and Right…will the mainstream media actually pick it up? Or is this all part of the Infotainment Age, where news is only news when it involves sexy teens and celebrity baby bumps? Here’s a change worthy of Let’s all shut the TVs and start thinking for ourselves again…

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