Seeking Progressive Social Change
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Meet the Brains Behind this Site

Changeany1thing was created by two guys who shared a cube at a technology company; Eric is the product marketing guy, and Rob is the IT architect. Work being what it is, they spent a fair amount of time complaining about the state of the world, about social trends, about the nutty right-wing politics and spin in the mainstream news….and thought about ways to use their tech skills to do something GOOD.

About Eric

Eric is a father of two, left of liberal, part-time poem-writer, history fanatic, Mets fan, former teacher and now technology marketing director. He is living the 21st Century American Dream: Kids, mortgage, and is strapped most of the time. Rarely knows a forty hour week, a calm moment, and is wondering how to make the world a more kind and peaceful place. Like most other 30ish/40ish people he knows with kids, he owns a huge debt and is trying, against all odds, to raise his children to be happy, full of wonder and caring in a place determined to turn them into self-doubting consumer-citizens. And he’s not happy about much of this.

He also has a LOT of ideas about changing things – he’s kept a text file on his Mac for years, filled with them – but very little time to put his grandiose plans into effect. So he came up with the idea of since he figures there are a lot of other frustrated – yet hopeful – people out there who like what modern life has to offer – if only we could change a thing or two….