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Posts from — May 2008

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

If you’re a regular reader of ChangeAny1Thing you’ll have noticed a distinct lack of activity around here. The cause: I’ve left my job of seven years for greener pastures. And by “green” I don’t mean – alas – that I’ll be working on sustainability projects in DC. Instead I may be able to pay a few more bills without having a heart attack when I open my checkbook. But it leaves much less time for kicking around blogs and posting to my heart’s content all day.

This site is not going away; there’s still – more than ever – a need for transformative social progress; even though Obama appears to have defeated the forces of evil we are a long, long way from the progressive changes we really need.

So watch this space. It’s going to be a long summer of presidential politics, and it’ll get ugly. Meantime, there’s talk of gas hitting $7.5o a gallon. A frightening thought that would reach deep into the economy, all the way to the upper middle class which has been able to weather all of the economic changes of the last 25 years, and which has functioned as a reactionary bulwark against real change.

There’s good and bad in the oil prices, I guess. The bad is the devastating impact on so many American families, including mine. The good is the anger level that would rise with prices (and more responsible use of energy), raising a collective willingness for serious, elemental change. And maybe – just maybe – the generation that gave us the last great social movement of the 60s would wake up from their generational sleep and help bring the next one.

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